Our Charter

We work alongside employers and skills providers to improve the perceptions and working conditions of door supervisors (and other roles within the private security sector) to encourage more people to enter the sector.

We work with employers and providers of private security services to improve the attractiveness of these jobs, ensuring they provide good quality work and that there are progression opportunities in the sector, including through the Skills Academy hubs.

We ensure that young people (particularly women and people that are captured by the “protected characteristics” as defined by the Equality Act 2010) can feel safe on a night out.

We make the safety of all individuals on a night out to be more visible (zero tolerance, effective signposting, safety-first approach).

We have a diverse and inclusive hiring policy (gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and disability) ensuring that the people
protecting the cross-section of individuals enjoying a good night out look more like them.

We ensure that establishments within the night-time cultural economy understand their duty of care towards the protection of these vulnerable people.

We play our part in creating positive change; so we’ve pledged our commitment by signing the Women’s Night Safety Charter.

We make women more visible on the doors of venues – ultimately changing the perception of what it takes to be a door supervisor.


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